Learn Driving with Keys to the Best Vehicles

A big part of efficient learning on how to drive is the vehicles used during the entire process. Vehicles play a crucial role in learning and developing the necessary driving skills in a seamless manner. This is why we at Beldon Driving School, always ensure to use vehicles that are well-maintained and are in standard condition. The vehicles used in our driving lessons are insured, fully licensed, dual-controlled and are of the latest models. 

At Beldon driving school, you can assure yourself to find a driving instructor who is highly competent and has the expertise to teach you the skills to make you feel safe and confident on the roads. You can learn to drive both off-road vehicles as well as luxurious On- road vehicles by leveraging driving practices with the best quality cars from the professional guidance of our certified team of Instructors.

Get Behind the Wheels and Learn driving the best way

Our expert driving trainers are committed to conveying all the superior driving techniques and skills by analyzing the best possible pattern for you to impart them. Our affordable driving lessons in Woodvale, Craigie, Padbury, Sorrento, Ocean Reef, and Butler are systematically structured to guide you from the core and help you harness all the skills with accuracy. At Beldon Driving School, We prioritize using several types of Cars or Four Wheelers including Off-Road Four wheelers as well as On-Road Four wheelers to train our students with the best. 

The different Car types that
students can learn to drive with us are -

Passenger Cars

This includes all the small, medium, large or upper large cars that are used for everyday purposes. 


This range includes all the medium, large and upper large range of SUVs including the premium as well as the exotic ones. 

Light Commercials

You can also effectively learn to drive four-wheeler light commercial vehicles such as small and medium-sized vans, 4*2 Utes, 4*4 utes etc. 

Premium or Exotic Cars

We are a reliable choice when it comes to being a pro at driving premium or exotic cars. Our instructors have wide experience in driving exotic premium cars. Thus, they can guide you with the best tricks, tips and safety parameters. 

Automatic Cars

We provide the best automatic driving lessons to help you get the exposure to be an expert in driving automatic cars.